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Customer Spotlight - Silver Spoon Bake Shop

What's so sweet about Silver Spoon Bake Shop?

Do you ever walk by a window of a bakery and think MMM... that looks delicious. Well look no further then Silver Spoon Bake shop's instagram feed these days for the same feeling.

   Click the Pic to see more of Silver Spoon Bake Shop's amazing Instagram feed! Yummmm!

   Click the Pic to see more of Silver Spoon Bake Shop's amazing Instagram feed! Yummmm!

Our March Customer Spotlight in on Silver Spoon Bake Shop in Columbia South Carolina.

Hear more from the owner - Erin Nobles - on her sweet business and her experience with Blue Dot Apparel. 

What is Silver Spoon all about?

Silver Spoon Bake Shop is a bakery in Columbia, SC. We specialize in hand crafted pastries, desserts, and cakes as well as locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks. 

When did you start Silver Spoon?

Silver Spoon opened in December of 2013. We are located in a 100 year old house in the heart of downtown Columbia. 

What is your favorite confection that you make?

On Fridays we make homemade croissants. It a true labor of love since they take 3 days to make. We started off with just two flavors, chocolate and plain. Now we have 8 varieties including caramelized onion and gruyere and Brie almond and strawberry jam.

What made you need custom t-shirts?

We wanted some shirts for our employees to wear to work. They turned out so well that our customers are buying them too!

How was your service with Blue Dot Apparel?

The service at Blue Dot Apparel could not have been better! I received quotes very quickly and the turnaround time on printing was extremely fast. I cannot say enough about how great our experience was. We will definitely use Blue Dot in the future!

What's next for Silver Spoon in 2017?

We anticipate a busy spring with weddings and graduations. We are happily wearing our Blue Dot shirts every day!

Stop by there shop at 2507 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205 or give them a call at 1-803-673-6374 to ask them more about their Easter Menu or Cake Options for your upcoming wedding, graduation, or birthday.

         Get more info on Silver Spoon Bake Shop!

         Get more info on Silver Spoon Bake Shop!

         Check out more from their Instagram feed!

         Check out more from their Instagram feed!

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