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Customer Spotlight - Mixed Messages

Making our streets safer 1 video at a time

We've all had the experience. Driving in our car, you look over and the driver beside you has one hand on a cell phone and the other on the radio dial. Too many drivers are distracted by too many things while driving these days.

Mixed Messages is looking to help break these bad habits one embarrassment at a time. 

mixed messages

What is Mixed Messages?

Mixed Messages - is an unusual attempt to discourage distracted driving and make people more aware when they are driving. We film distracted drivers and turn them into brief comedy skits, and accept submissions from users who have footage of distracted drivers as well. All our submissions will be sorted by zip code, in hopes that people will get involved and help to discourage distracted driving in their local communities.

What is your main hope for 2017?

We hope to become a major contributor to the distracted driving discussion in 2017. Right now it is so easy for us to "catch" people driving with their phones in hand, it is obvious that people are not taking this issue seriously. If we succeed, hopefully it will mean that we rarely if ever catch anyone driving distracted, which hopefully will translate into fewer roadway injuries and fatalities.

What made you need custom apparel?

We required custom apparel to help us get the message out and keep our campaign on the minds of as many people as possible. Every little thing that makes people think of our campaign is one more chance for someone to say to themselves "I am not going to be a part of the problem; I am not going to risk my life and the lives of others today."

Did Blue Dot Apparel fit your needs as a provider?

Blue Dot Apparel has helped immensely, because of the personal assistance they offered, the help with graphic design, and, most importantly, the ability for Blue Dot to receive, produce, and fulfill orders. It is well beyond the capability of our team to perform these functions.

What are some exciting things coming up that our audience should be ready for?

Mixed Messages has several new episodes ready for launch, and more in production. We will also be adding to our blog post discussing everything featuring why other awareness campaigns have come up short , tech reviews for the best cameras and gear for filming on the road, and the best ways to use your smart phone to learn during your commute. It will definitely be an exciting 2017 at Mixed Messages.

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